Short Term Rental & Design Experts


How Can We Help You Monetize Short Term Rentals?

Finding the Right Property

One of the keys to building a profitable STR business is finding the right properties. And while you may be tempted to purchase a property that’s “move-in ready,” investors often find the best ROI from purchasing properties in need of some renovating and redoing them with their own touches.

Interim Financing & Mortgage Lending

Most new investors need help understanding the financing process for buying and renovating an investment property. Our team at Full Circle Home Loans has extensive experience in this particular market and can give you all your options for purchasing a property, interim financing and long-term mortgage loans.

Interior Design

Today’s consumers are experience-focused, meaning they’re looking for a short-term rental they’ll remember. We help clients provide this by thoughtful, on-trend interior design services. Browse our gallery for examples of our work or contact us to get started.

Permitting & Licensing

Buying an investment property for short-term rental isn’t as simple as it might sound. STRs carry specific requirements for permitting & licensing which vary from county to county. Our team can help you obtain the correct documents so the process goes as quickly as possible.

Remodeling & Construction

Most STR properties involve some measure of renovation or construction, depending on the property condition. Our team has extensive experience remodeling many types of properties and can help you evaluate contractors, estimates and construction timelines.

Insurance & Risk Mitigation

With many people coming through your property to stay, it’s critical to protect yourself with the proper insurance and risk-mitigation strategy. We will help you understand the potential risks associated with STRs and recommend an insurance coverage package with maximum benefits.

Monetizing your STR

Once your property is ready for the market, we’ll help you maximize your ROI. We know everything there is to know about marketing your STR, getting top-dollar for rentals, and keeping your property booked. We’ll even show you how to block off rental time just for you!

What Our Clients Say About Us

Seth, Tiffany, and the whole team at Full Circle made the home buying process a breeze! We were looking for a vacation home in Palm Springs and they came highly recommended from a friend who had just purchased his first home in the area. From pre-approval to closing the entire process was quick and painless.

Matt D.

We are forever grateful to Laura Diaz, our Real Estate agent, who introduced us to Seth and Tiffany of Full Circle Home Loans… these professionals empowered us with confidence and knowledge so that we could succeed and have fun in the Vacation Rental business.

Rosa Alarcon